Lenda: Connecting hotel guests to local recommendations from hotel staff

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What is the future of hotel accommodation in a post-Airbnb world, and how might that future be adapted to meet the specific tourism needs that exist in Madeira?

at a glance
Over the last 10 years, the hotel industry has experienced signficant changes. The rise of sharing economy services like Airbnb and HomeAway have offered travelers an alternative to hotel accommodations, and these options have proven very appealing. At the same time, hotels are beginning to incorporate guest-facing technology and the use of customer data to improve the guest experience, leading to both opportunities and risks.
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Our client
In 2016, Pereira & Filhos Investimentos purchased the historic Gorgulho Hotel in the Lido neighborhood of Funchal and began the process of renovation. It is now Tiles Madeira Hotel, a 4-star hotel that combines the Gorgulho’s unique facade with an entirely contemporary approach to hospitality.
Tiles hotel lobby
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